Home Repair Concierge

Our Home Repair Concierge specializes in performing everyday home maintenance activities. Examples of these duties can be moving heavy items, hanging pictures, assembling furniture, connecting with a plumber, making your home safer, decluttering, and changing air filters and lightbulbs. We can help you accomplish those everyday home maintenance activities that can seem overwhelming! We can also help you sell your home with the help of our Senior Real Estate Specialists®, Nicole Crawford and Allen Baynes!


When to ask for our help:

  • You live out of state and don’t know what plumber to use for your parents
  • Mom lives alone and doesn’t want to meet a repair service by herself
  • Dad needs help de-cluttering to make his home safer
  • You or a loved one is making the transition to a facility and needs help packing
  • You or a loved one is overwhelmed with the small tasks around the home that now seem more difficult
  • You want a trusted professional to help you or a loved one accomplish their in-home tasks

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Meet Lily

Ms. Lily had recently lost her husband and was living in a cluttered home by herself. The house was not only cluttered, it was also not clean after her husband had health issues that resulted in an unsanitary bathroom. Ms. Lily felt ashamed about the mess and her family was fearful Ms. Lily would fall due to the clutter.

Through our Home Repair Concierge (HRC) service, we were able to help declutter the home and bring in companies to clean the bathrooms in order to make them usable again. Through the decluttering and cleaning process, we also provided companionship for Ms. Lily when we would visit for HRC. Ms. Lily was depressed and lonely after losing her husband and this gave her an opportunity to socialize and visit with somebody that was trusted by her and her family. This part of the job was likely more important than the decluttering itself.

Unfortunately, Ms. Lily was diagnosed with cancer and passed away a few months later. She had two out of town children that were overwhelmed with handling her estate. Our real estate team worked with the children along with the estate’s executor to make sure the handling of their personal items and the home was as stress free as possible. We again brought in companies to handle the estate sale and clean the house prior to putting the home on the market. This was stress free for both the children and the executor as they didn’t have to travel. The family did not have to worry about their Mom’s estate and could focus on mourning her passing. In result, we got top dollar for the home and their family’s belongings were handled with love and care.

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Meet Rudy

Rudy needed assistance transitioning to assisted living and needed proceeds from the sale of house to assist with the costs. His home had previously listed and never sold due to the home being overpriced and the pictures of the home were terrible due to the junk and clutter inside the house. Rudy was overwhelmed and felt stuck because the burden of his home was too much for him to handle with his health conditions.

LifeCare for Seniors recommended their Home Repair Concierge (HRC) service. HRC used their expertise and resources to get them connected with a referral partner that would take items from the house and sell them at an auction. They removed all items out of house and sold them, so Rudy turned a profit. They also cleaned the house once it was empty.

This allowed the Crawford & Baynes Real Estate team to get good pictures of a nice clean house. In return, they were able to quickly sell the house so he could afford his new assisted living apartment. Rudy not only felt relieved financially, he knew his assets and well-being were in good hands.

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Meet our Home Repair Concierge Specialist

Allen Baynes, SRES

Allen Baynes joined LifeCare for Seniors the fall of 2017 to assist with business growth and development.  Allen Serves as our Director of Business Development and Home Repair Concierge Coordinator. He also works for LAH Real Estate where he is a Senior Real Estate Specialist and owns Baynes Properties.  On Sundays in the fall you can see Allen on National Football League (NFL) fields throughout the country where he works as an NFL official.  He recently completed his tenth year in the League as a Side Judge #56.

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